An ode to thee, Human Stupidity

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe” – Einstein (source: various memes available on the internet)

When I first read this quote, I thought Einstein must have said it in a good humour while rolling his third joint of the day. But finally, I have realized that no matter whether he consumed hash or not, he really meant it. And there must have a lot of research, observation and experimentation undergone to reach such a conclusion.

In centuries to come, even if scientists might be able to define the limits of the universe, they will never succeed in demarcating the limits of human stupidity (a.k.a. Chutiapa) for sure.

To prove this Einstein Sahib’s point, in the context current happenings in India, let me give the following example to help you accept the statement (in case you don’t agree):

  1. Selfie-sm:

Portrait photography is a beautiful art and Selfie is an abuse to this art. Trust me; the simplest portrait taken by someone (sane and non-lunatic) will always look better than the fucking selfies. Just compare the following:

A Mona Lisa Selfie

A Mona Lisa Selfie

A Mona Lisa Portrait

A Mona Lisa Portrait

I understand that sometimes one has no one to click photos. But there is always an option— your smart-phone is smart enough to set a timer to click a shot. Or one can request a stranger to click photos. Even in the meanest places in India, hardly anybody denies taking a photo for you if you request him or her. However, one might take your phone and run away but that is a different case. Let’s think positive for now.

So why do people take selfies even when somebody else could click a photo for them?

The answer is: because of infinite human stupidity.

  1. The Anti Maggi Chutiyas:

 Recently, in various lab tests conducted by state authorities, Maggi Noodles were found to contain monosodium glutamate and hence it is being banned in many parts of the country.

Logical enough, isn’t it?

But I started getting signs of enormous human stupidity when I saw people started blaming celebrities who appeared in Maggi ads.  I am sure none of these morons will be able to explain how Amitabh Bachchan or Madhuri Dixit is supposed to know whether Maggi contains MSG.

A frustrated Mr. Bachchan

A frustrated Mr. Bachchan

On the other hand, there are a lot of issues in our country for which PILs can be filed and but no, these chutiyas are so concerned about the society that they have got time only to  file cases against celebs for some ads or for some movie-names which hurts their fucking religious sentiments.

If they take only a fraction of this much interest in real issues of our country, India will become a better place for sure.

But nothing beats the human stupidity, my friend.

  1. Idea Ads:

Take Idea Cellular Ads for example. The evolution of human stupidity can perfectly and easily be understood by the Ad campaigns of Idea Cellular. Every next ad campaign of theirs is shittier than its predecessor. Don’t believe me? Just look at the following:








An idea add wrongly portraying Indian Cops-- showing them as good guys.

An idea ad portraying Indian Cops in bad light– portraying them as good guys.


An irritating

An irritating “No ullu banawing” campaign


Then finally this crap.

Then finally this brain-torturing series of crap.

Inferring from the trend-line of these ads, the stupidity of Idea’s campaign managers can go infinite.

  1. Sal-moron Khan’s supporters:

Shitty movies are OK. Hunting the black buck is also OK. Even getting drunk and driving on the footpath where men were sleeping can be explained— ladko se galti ho jati ha, remember!

But how the hell can you support someone who is stupid enough to realize so late that he could blame his driver. I mean, the dumbest Indian rich man would have blamed his driver in the starting itself. But yo’ Bhai is so dumb that…..

Seriously, hey Bhai supports, how can you support someone so stupid, man?

Sometimes, it's hard which Khan of them is crappier.

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide which Khan out of both of them is crappier.

Image Courtesy: Google Images, of course!


So what do you think?

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