The 7 Movies that got me going through bHEL(L)

When I joined my job at BHEL, I never expected that it will turn my life upside down. A person who was always surrounded by friends and relished almost every bit of his life will end up being alone in a new city, at a work place where no one seemed even a bit of his potential friend.

The times so far have been hard and life has been a little tough. But there are also a lot of things that I learned here, such as effectively dealing with sheer asshole-ry, enjoying the solitude and all.

When you are alone in a strange city and don’t have friends there, you try to find joy in ordinary things. Things which earlier did not matter or did not occupy much of your focus, begin to occupy your deep thoughts.

Well, for me, one of those things was movies. After being alone, suddenly, I started paying extra attention to them. Analyzing each and every one of them, as I watched. After watching, I had started thinking deep about them. I started interpreting them, finding meaning out of them. And at the end of the whole process, it felt like having an intellectual orgasm.

Here are the 7 movies that helped me pass through the tough times by fueling my intellectual shagging and thoughtful juices:

  1. Before Sunrise: There was a time when I liked romantic movies but as I grew older, the genre started boring me at the same rate as if it was following the Law of marginal diminishing utility.

  When I watched this movie, I was going through one of the most depressing days. And this movie came like a relief.

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke in Before Sunrise

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke in Before Sunrise

 When I came across the title on the internet, I thought it was a yet another romantic crap. But I decided to watch it because of its good ratings.

 The number of characters in the film is limited to two— a young man and a young beautiful woman in their early 20s. The story is of a night when two strangers are together and without a sex scene. The whole movie is about their beautiful conversations which lasts the night.

 It is a simple masterpiece without turns and twists.

  Julie Delpy looks very beautiful in the film. The two sequences to the film— Before Sunset and Before Midnight, which were released after a 10 years gap each, are equally interesting.

  1. Django Unchained:  I have always liked Quentin Tarantino’s movies expect for a couple of them. Most of his movies are about revenge and so was this one. The special thing about this one is that it was about a slave who, with a bounty hunter’s help, takes revenge from slavers and ultimately meets with his lady love by kicking the shit out of villains’ ass.

This movie has the real wits and charm. I enjoyed each and every minute of the movie.


What an awesome sense of humor the characters of the movie had! Dicaprio, Samuel L Jackson and Christoph Waltz. All of them were awesome in the movie.


  1. The Lunchbox: This one was an Indian masterpiece-ish romantic movie. Taking love to a different land, between non-conventional characters. All the actors wore their characters like skin and direction was near perfect.

When I watch a movie like this, I wonder how the idea takes shape in the maker’s mind and how it turns out in such a beautiful form.


 The best part of the movie, which is thought-provoking also was the climax of the film. It makes you think deep.


  1. Once: This movie is a perfect a musical film made in a documentary style. The characters are lovable and actors are so natural that it feels like you are into the real life of them and watching it happen

 For this one I don’t have much words other than that it’s the best movie that has a guitarist in it.


The best thing about the movie is that the actors have themselves sang the songs, live. The songs became my favorites instantly.

  1. Shahid: This one is the best biopic I have seen in years. It was not about someone like the Flying Sikh or a brave Indian revolutionary. It was about an Indian Muslim Lawyer who once lost his way and came back to it, determined. It is about a simple, straight forward Braveheart whose story deserved to be told more than anyone else’s.



 Raj Kumar Rao and Hansal Mehta are the perfect actor-director duo for such a film. It is a must watch for all. The film is an honest effort which could never have been better.

  1. Lootera: I never liked Ranveer Singh or Sonakshi Sinha before this movie. Although, I had heard about the director Vikramaditya Motwane before but I did not like his first film —Udaan, as much as it was praised by the critics.

 For me, Lootera was the real gem of Mr. Motwane because he made these actors act so well and so natural. And the music given by Amit Trivedi is one of his best works.


 But the only complaint with the movie that I have is that it had a very irritating character in it—the last (artificial) leaf. The leaf was a bitch and it kind of fucked the climax. Nevertheless, the movie is still great.

  1. Ship of Theseus: Honestly, I could not get what the movie was trying to convey exactly. I understood the all four stories that were there in it. But what the real message of the movie was I still trying to know.

 This one got me thinking and analyzing very deep. That’s why it’s there in my list.