What is “White Room’s Blues” supposed to mean?

Well, it has always been hard for me to come out with names— be it for my newly-born nephew or my less-than-average college band.

This blog was created in a white-room wherein I was suffering from blues of Sachin’s retirement and my boring work-life. And “White Room” by Cream was my favorite song then.

So one can guess what “White Room’s Blues” is supposed to mean. Just a title… Or maybe more!

What is the blog about?

Specifically, this blog is about nothing specific but random stuffs. But you might find frequent posts about music, films, books, politics, rural life and Cricket Sachin— almost every not-so-different stuff.

Who is the blogger?

The blogger is a 23 years old, rookie guitarist, music lover, travel enthusiast, and pessimist to some extent. He loves reading books, specially the non-romantic ones. And for a living, he works at an Indian PSU.

He is just another guy doing intellectual masturbation over internet.


So what do you think?

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